The Confident Girl is more than a blog, it's a community!

A Ministry created by Christian Artist and YouTuber, HillaryJane, to be a place where growth in Christ is exciting.

HJ’s main goal is two part: to create a space that visually reflects God’s heart, serving ladies of all skin colors, body types, cultures, backgrounds and journeys. And secondly, to foster a community where these girls can grow in godly friendships and a deeper knowledge of their Creator. In turn, producing a more solidified spiritual foundation based on their Confidence in Christ! 

The Confident Girl is needed in a culture where finding your confidence from within is daily preached but falls flat only to leave girls more insecure. We have to find our confidence, satisfaction, purpose and wisdom from Christ if it is going to last. Confidence build on self is build on sand. Let’s grow together in building our Confidence on the Solid Rock, Jesus. 

Here you will find a community, resources, teachings and more! Dive in, bring a friend, join our Girls-Only Facebook Community and get used to hearing “Your confidence is showing!”