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Welcome to The Confident Girl Community!

The Heart Behind The Confident Girl

The Heart Behind The Confident Girl

Why The Confident Girl?

Honestly, I was not a fan of the name at first... My hubby, Roman, mentioned it and I rejected it immediately. It made me think of the concept of self, not that thinking of yourself is wrong, but the core of what I wanted to accomplish with this blog was to point others to Christ.  So I gave Ro a hard pass.

We were in the car driving home from a cruise and I kept listing what I wanted to accomplish out loud. “A place for girls only. All girls, I want all types of women to be represented! A place for girls to have solid resources. A place for girls to grow. But like, I want us to actually be friends so we have to be able to talk to each other somehow.” The list went on as we pulled into the gas station.


If you have seen my YouTube, you know I love talking about the things of Jesus. There was a time in my life where I felt like I was growing at the rate of a turtle racing dial-up internet. Sin wasn’t seeming to fall off of me much, I wasn't really grasping God’s word and my emotions were at an all-time crazy high. Long story short, when I started really grasping the Word, I started growing tremendously and I’ve never forgotten that feeling of breakthrough. Relief and hope marked that time in my life. I found security  in Christ like I have never known before. It is one of the greatest desires of my heart for girls to know that feeling. To desire the Word and grow in understanding of the greatest book ever written. Learn how to read it and apply it. Learn how to elevate the truth of God above their emotions. Learn how to choose holiness when their fleshly desires are raging war inside of them. Learn how to walk by the Spirit. (I do not do any of these at 100%, but because of my ever-growing knowledge of the Lord, I am being sanctified daily.)

 I want to help girls walk through life with hope and security and confidence because of the Lord that gives it to them. The name started sounding surprisingly perfect. So here you are, reading this blog called The Confident Girl and hopefully joining The Confident Girl Community because I want to bring those victories to you.

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You can expect lots of interaction. That is seriously so important to me. We can read about God on our own and grow, personal devotion time is crucial! But God designed something so sweet. He made friendships, teaching, dialogue, and asking questions apart of the process by which we will truly understand the things of God. I will have questions for every article so that you can really work through the truths you’re reading in your mind. We will discuss them in the exclusive Facebook Group and have times of Q & A, times of prayer, Facebook Lives, Guest Speakers and more. I want you all to help each other, too! I am not the one with all of the answers! I’m sure so many of you have tremendous wisdom to give and encouragements to share! I am ready to learn from all of you, too!

Maybe one day we can have tens of thousands of girls involved in TCG and it can spread far. But honestly, if you end up telling me you are gaining a new-found confidence in the Lord and in life, I will feel accomplished.

And for those here because you follow my music and you thought this was going to be new music… YES, I AM MAKING MUSIC AND GIVING IT TO YOU THIS SUMMER! HAHA.

Thank you for being apart of this journey with me and get used to hearing, “Your confidence is showing!”

The Confident Girl: Is Not Enough (On Her Own)

The Confident Girl: Is Not Enough (On Her Own)