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The Confident Girl Reads: Radical

The Confident Girl Reads: Radical

Written by Haylee Roberts 

As a baby-believer, Radical, by David Platt, not only shaped my Christian worldview in many ways, but also set me on a fast track of Christianity and ignited a fire within me that has not ceased to burn.



Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream

Some background about David Platt is helpful in understanding the place from which this book was written. Platt is the President of The International Missions Board and has a deep conviction about what the Word of God has to say about making and being disciples. Platt has largely lead the push for missions in the United States and all over the world for the past decade or so. Radical is a call to flip our view of the "American Dream" to a proper view of what our goals and ultimate purposes should be as Christians. Platt is combatting a widely held view of entitlement and American ideals of success. Radical serves to call us to our greater purpose, to step out of our standards of comfort and into the difficulty of taking up our Cross of Christ and following in His footsteps of dying to self for the extension of the Gospel. Platt's call is a call to discipleship, but not just to discipleship in our neighborhoods or in our churches (although this is important,) but actually a greater call to GO as missionaries to different countries and specifically to the 10/40 window (Coordinates of a place where there is zero access to the Gospel for people in that area). Platt's call is one backed by the Word of God as would be expected from a godly man.

Radical highlights a full and accurate view of our call to missions and for the Gospel to be extended to all. Platt explains it all much better than I ever could so if this sounds interesting to you, I highly recommend reading it. Even apart from overseas missions, Radical implores readers to live a life of greater calling. To take our focus from the self-serving American culture into a life-giving ministry of giving, serving, and discipling others. There is much to be gleaned from Radical far beyond just a call to go and send missionaries, which WE ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BE DOING, but beyond that, Radical calls us to  be better Christians and serve our God in a greater capacity.

I believe this book should be a requirement for all Christians in America. I am incredibly blessed that I was gifted this book so early in my walk and that I don't have to uproot many of the ugly elements of American-Christian Culture. I could use to read it again because it serves as a great reminder, but much of who I am as a believer and the way I view Christianity has been shaped by David Platt. Really though, what other way should we be living for our good and gracious God? In light of all that Christ has done for us on the Cross, there is only one way to live obediently for Him. Radical.

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